Welcome to Melbourne

Founded in 1835, Melbourne is now home to close to five million passionate and welcoming people. Prepare to be surprised – this is a city that thrives on creativity and innovation.



From exhibitions to festivals and events, prepare to be busy because Melbourne has lots to experience and enjoy. Galleries, theatres and festival venues are filled with world-class arts and culture throughout the year. As the home to some of the biggest events, theatre productions and exhibits in the country, you are sure to experience the very best Australia has to offer.


For those that like it fast paced or even in the slow lane, this is a city with a serious sporting fixation. It doesn’t matter when you are visiting, there is always something happening on the city’s packed sporting calendar – with plenty of action from the grandstands and sidelines at Melbourne’s world-class sporting facilities. There’s golf, horse racing and of course the city’s favourite – action packed Australia Rules Football (AFL).



Shopping is on the top of the to-do list in Melbourne – with a thriving passion for fashion and beauty, this is a town that knows how to dress. Enjoy the fresh air and explore the unique streets and laneways throughout the city, lined with boutiques that cover fashion’s best – from local labels to international imports – you could spend days discovering your style.


Parks, gardens and vast open spaces located neatly in the city centre, make it easy to relax and enjoy the fresh air. From the beach to the bush there is so much to see – all just a short distance from the city. Take a stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens, feel the sand beneath your feet at St Klida Beach or experience the waterside views at Docklands.

10 interesting facts about Melbourne


Melbourne is a city full of surprises! Here are 10 interesting facts about Melbourne you might not have heard before…

  1. Melbourne been ranked the World’s most live-able City every year since 2011 by the Economist Intelligence Unit.
  2. A culturally diverse population, 58 percent of Melbourne’s population have either both or one parent born overseas (as of July 2018).
  3. Melbourne’s tramway system is the largest outside Europe and the fourth largest in the World, stretching along 244km of track and boasting 450 trams.
  4. Melbourne has the highest number of Cafes and Restaurants per number of people than any other city in the world.
  5. Melbourne has a reputation as being one of the Top Arts Cities in Australia. 
  6. The world’s largest stained-glass ceiling is located in Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria.
  7. Five of the six tallest buildings in Australia are in Melbourne’s CBD.
  8. In 1956 Melbourne became the first host of the Olympic Games outside of Europe and North America.
  9. Melbourne was the capital city of Australia for 26 years between 1901 and 1927 before the capital became Canberra.
  10. The world’s first feature film, the Story of the Ned Kelly Gang, was filmed and made in Melbourne in 1906.