CETA Homestay Service – FAQ

How to apply?

You can apply by the following methods.

– Students can submit an online application at https://www.homestayceta.com/international-students-applications-for-homestay/

– Agents can submit an online application on behalf of students at

For more information, you can contact our Registrar – Email:  admin@homestayceta.com Tel: +61(0) 457 101 117

2. When we receive the complete application, we will contact you.

  • What is the price of Homestay fee 2019?
Homestay Fee $350 – $400 / week
(depends on area)
  See notes 1
Holding Room Fee 50% of Homestay Fee

(for minimum 2 weeks, away)

See note 2
Homestay Placement Fee $300 See Note 3
Bond (Refundable) $700 See note 4
Change of Homestay Fee $300 See note 5

**There is no cost difference to the weekly rate for number of meals. (this is calculated on a per day basis regardless if the student is home for 3, 2 or 1 meal per day)


When should I give CETA the notice if I would like to cancel the Homestay Service?

The written notice should be given to us at least 4 weeks in advance.

Note 1 – Homestay Fee

There is a range of fees, as different areas have established rates that are the “norm” for homestay fees in their suburb, generally the homestays that are closer to the city are at a higher rate


Note 2 – Homestay Holding room Fee

The homestay holding room fee ensures that the room is kept for students on their return after holidays, a leave form is required to be filled out by students on- line.  https://www.homestayceta.com/request-for-leave-from-homestay/ to record the time away – The holding room is for periods of leave from the homestay for 2 weeks or more, time away for less than 2 weeks is not adjusted at the 50% rate.


Note 3 – Homestay Placement Fee

This fee is for the service to find and secure a new Homestay for Students


Note 4 – Bond 

This refundable fee is payable to cover incidental costs such as minor damage, extra cleaning incurred by the Homestay, rubbish removal etc. Homestay hosts must communicate to Students to inform them of the problem and get agreement what course of action they will take before going ahead with an expense. CETA Homestay will then send a detailed invoice for work performed and evidence of payment to a third party contractor, CETA Homestay then reimburses the Homestay host accordingly and notes the amount to be deducted from the student’s bond before they leave the home.



Note 5 – Change of Homestay Fee

This fee is for the service to find and secure a new homestay for students after discussions have been held between CETA Homestay, the School, Students and the Host and the reasons for change have been agreed to. If the student is in breach of homestay rules under Schedule 3 there will be a Homestay placement fee charged.

This fee is not payable by the students for change of Homestay if the Host Family is no longer able to host, such as a move of home, sale of home etc.


Note 6 –Refund for fees for time not used in Homestay

Time away (minimum 2 weeks at a time) will be refunded at the end of the year (if a leave form has been submitted 2 weeks prior to each holiday period).  Refund forms can be completed on the CETA Homestay website.


If Students leave before the time period paid for Homestay and have given 4 weeks’ notice, a refund form can be completed on the CETA Homestay website and monies for unused time less an admin fee and applicable bank charges are applicable will be refunded –Students in Year 12 must give notice when they leave after the final exam in Year 12, so we can calculate if a refund is to be made.


For students continuing homestay service the following year

Any adjustments for unused time and holiday adjustment for current year (i.e. end of term 4 long holiday) will calculated and refunded at the end of the year, therefore there will not be any credits carried forward to the following year. The payment due next year is for an amount for you to pay either yearly, half yearly (semester) or quarterly (termly).


Late Fee

Invoices not paid by the due date will attract a late fee of $300 which will be added to the invoice each month it is not paid


Mid-Year start

Invoices will be issued for Semester or Termly only when students are starting mid – year.


Internet in the home

Internet is provided in the homestay for Students’ use. Host have been requested to make available sufficient Data Allowance to cater for their family’s and student(s)’s needs. No further cost is payable.