Holiday Leave Form for Host

Host Information (住宿家庭信息)
Your Homestay Student Information (您照顾的学生信息)
Leave Duration (离开时间)

How many nights will you be away from your home? (您会从家里离开多少个晚上?)

Name of Carer who will be staying in your home while you are away (您离开时帮忙照顾学生的人的信息)

申请链接 - (

Only in an Emergency Situation will CETA assist with finding an alternative home


If yes, please be aware you are still responsible for dropping the student to the temporary homestay & collecting them upon return. (如果是紧急情况,请注意您还是要负责将学生送到暂时的寄宿家庭并在回来的时候去接学生回到您的家里.)

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