CETA Homestay role as a Homestay provider

CETA Homestay is a professional organisation that coordinates and manages all aspects of Homestay provision, including:

  • selecting and matching suitable Host families for International Students
  • providing key information and support to Homestay families whilst they care for International Students
  • monitoring the standards of Homestays for schools, Parents, Extra Care Counsellors and International Education Agents
  • meeting all legal requirements for duty of care as is required by Australian law for the protection and the welfare of International Students.

What other services does CETA Homestay provide?

Once a suitable home is selected and screened, Hosts undertake a thorough briefing given by CETA Homestay Area Co-ordinator. Students are matched to the right home according to a carefully designed application form that is used to collect relevant and accurate information regarding the requirements of the International Student(s). Homes are selected within reasonable travel distance and travel routes from the students’ school and there is a sound system of support and guidelines in place. CETA Homestay manages the whole processes for:

  • provision of clear guidelines and advice manuals/tips for Homestays and International Students based on CETA Homestay’s experience
  • liaison with Student, Host family, appointed Extra Care Counsellor, School and International Education Agent and provides each with support
  • contracts for International Students and Homestays
  • records for appropriate and up-to-date information for the Student, Parent/Extra Care Counsellor
  • Working With Children Check (WWCC) for all Homestay family members 18 years old and over
  • collection of Homestay fees in advance — fees may be paid per term, per semester, annually in full. Note that there is a 50% holding room charge for absence due to holidays and a credit is applied at the end of the year (Hosts must receive two weeks’ notice of holidays)
  • payments to Host families via bank account on a monthly basis
  • advice for conflict resolution and opportunity to reach consensus to both the Host family and International Student
  • change of Homestay for International Students if circumstances are required
  • 24/7 Emergency number for help

7 Effective Strategies for Homestays to successfully host “International” Students

1. Overview

Very Broad Cultural Background International Students.

Understanding where they are coming from.

2. Settling Students in to your home

Setting the scene for a successful start.

3. Pre-Briefing information

How International Students can help themselves to adjust to life in Australia.

4. Food in Australia

Helping Students to adjust to Australian food and etiquette.

5. Helping Students develop their English

6. Travel

How to help Students manage.

7. Communication with CETA Extra Care Counsellor and details of the Students program/timetable


Policy and Procedures for providing Homestay for CETA Australia 2019

CETA Australia has a Management team of experienced personnel to deliver our excellent service of providing Homestay for International Students.  This consists of an experienced Managing Director, dedicated and experienced Area Co ordinators, Short term study tour Manager and Specialist, Registrar and Accountant to facilitate the smooth operations for Homestay.


  • CETA Manages a professional CRM system that schools have access to data to check Compliance documents and matters through their own login.
  • An active website that Hosts and Students access to update information on line. – www.homestayceta.com
  • Information Management, communication and reporting systems for work flow to be able to respond in a timely manner.


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