What does a CETA Homestay provide?

A caring nurturing and supportive environment for International Students

  • 3 meals per day
  • Clean and tidy home with a private adequately furnished room with access to:
  • Desk, chair and adequate lighting for homework
  • Use of bathroom, linen and use of laundry facilities
  • Entry into the home like any other member of the family ( e.g. house key, alarm code )
  • Arrangement to access internet to support their study and communication with Students home


Overall CETA promotes strong connections for International Students and their School, Extra Care Counsellor, Homestay provider, and in cases, where applicable, their parents, through:

    • Setting and enforcing reasonable house rules/ expectations for the student including curfew and internet time
    • Assisting the Student develop and practice their English language
    • Assist the Student in seeking extra-curricular activities and sports


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