Profile CETA Personnel

Profile CETA Personnel

Brief Background – Tracey Lawrence

Owner, Principal

Tracey was born in Melbourne, Australia.

Tracey is a graduate in Hotel Management/ Hospitality from Melbourne’s William Angliss College, an Institute that is well-known Internationally for its training expertise in hospitality studies. Also a Frontline Management Initiative Program graduate from Melbourne and holds a TEFL Level A certificate from ECC, Thailand

Tracey’s previous experience included careers in the Tourism, Hospitality and Wine Industry.  Tracey was Restaurant and Training Manager at Denny’s restaurant. Tracey also assisted in the Management of the award winning De Bortoli Winery and Tourism Restaurant in the famous Yarra Valley and taught Hospitality and Tourism studies at Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia.

Tracey has been instrumental in developing and running the operations of CETA Homestay that ensures the high level of service to International Students it enjoys today.

Tracey lived in Thailand from  2005 – 2015 and gained extensive experience in International Secondary School Education both through her own children at Tri-lingual Schools and through Managing operations and Student Counselling at CETA Thailand, liaising with Australian School providers in Thailand, AEAS testing and leading Short Term Study Tour programs to many countries.

These Short Term Educational Study Tours take up to 250+ Secondary Students a year overseas to experience study in their “summer” holidays -to give Thai, Chinese, Japanese and other International Students a meaningful and enjoyable experience on tour. For many students, this is their first taste of life overseas and Tracey ensured that a high level of service is provided for every Student – from program development, pre-program visits to Homestays, Schools and attractions, to providing professional support to CETA Study Tour Coordinators.

Tracey has 4 adult children who have achieved outstanding success in their career/ study to date and one younger child who attends Private Secondary School in Melbourne.

Tracey enjoys cooking, entertaining, family activities, swimming, yoga and traveling.




Brief Background Eve Hiland

Homestay Area Coordinator & Study Tour Specialist

Eve was born in Melbourne, Australia.

She is a graduate in English Language, Literature & International Relations from Monash University, with postgraduate diplomas in TESOL from LaTrobe University and International Relations from Monash University.

Eve’s previous experience has included teaching and supporting students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds from many countries. This experience has provided her with great insight into the support that students from diverse cultures require. She is very experienced in providing timely intervention and support to achieve the best possible academic, physical and emotional wellbeing outcomes. Having lived and worked in Vietnam and Malaysia, Denmark, Indonesia, Laos and China and formally studied French, Italian, Danish, German, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Laos as foreign languages for travel and work, she remains intrigued by the complexity and different cultural approaches to learning, and the variation of expectations across cultures, students bring to their studies in Australia. Formerly, she has worked in Australia and overseas as a Teacher, Lecturer, Researcher and collaborated on Academic Aid Projects for AusAid and the Asian Development Bank. Most recently, she has been working in International Student Support at Monash University and Victoria University.

Eve is an avid reader, cook and traveller. She enjoys exploring different beautiful natural places on foot, to better appreciate the beauty and the local cuisine. Having walked the Great Ocean Walk in Southern Australia she is saving up to explore the beautiful pilgrimage walks in Japan and Spain. There will be plenty of time to do this as she has climbed the magnificent mountain in China, Tai Shan, and will most likely, if the prophecy is true, live to 100 years of age!



Brief Background Zoe Wang

Homestay Area Coordinator 

Zoe comes from Harbin, China.

Zoe holds a double Bachelor’s Degree in Business English and Russian Culture from the prestigious JinLin University in ChangChun, China.

After graduation Zoe moved to Shanghai where she took on a Marketing Managers role with an International Medical Centre. It was here that she started to hone her skills in managing intercultural relationships between high standard professional organisations and their valued customers. It was also where the seed was planted to grow her interest in travel.

Zoe then travelled on to Thailand and throughout Asia with her Australian husband. Zoe worked throughout her travel, liaising with International students, teachers and the School administrations that she worked with. Zoe also taught classes in Chinese and English and was often called on to support new International student arrivals in assisting them to settle in to the Thai community and their new Schools.

Zoe and her husband returned to Australia in 2011 and shortly afterwards Zoe started working for CETA Homestay. Over time her role grew, and Zoe took on the responsibilities of being an Area Coordinator and playing a key role in the Finances.

Zoe works with the CETA Homestay team that make up the support network that is in place to care for International Students during their time away from home. Zoe liaises with parents, schools and Hosts to ensure that they all work together to support the Students in all aspects of their life

Zoe has great networking skills and has a caring personality. When you call CETA Homestay, Zoe is the person who picks up the phone and is able to assist you in all your enquiries


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